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European Policy Forum 

Conference News - European Policy Forum in Malmö, 22-24 May

Actors from national and international agencies, NGOs, experts and other stakeholders met in Malmö 22-24 May 2007 to debate and learn from successful experiences drawn from the EQUAL-programme. The conference brought together the most successful practices and examined their contribution to the practical application of the various minimum conditions set out in the Reception Directive in the Member States. The European Commission exclusively presented:

  • the Green Paper on the future of the Common European Asylum System
  • the Evaluation of the reception directive
  • the New European Social Fund

Access documentation from the conference and read more about the contribution of Equal to a dignified standard of living for asylum seekers in Europe.

About us

The National thematic network on Asylum & Integration in Sweden (NTN) is a project within the communitive initiative program Equal. Since 2002, the NTN acts as a collective resource at national level to strengthen efforts to disseminate positive project experiences and influence system and policies. The NTN analyses, monitors and evaluates project experiences from EQUAL and the European Refugee fund financed activities, as well as experiences from other relevant EU programmes focusing on the social- and vocational integration/re-integration of asylum seekers, refugees and newly arrived immigrants.

The National Thematic Network provides information to, and seeks to influence, concerned Ministries, authorities, organisations and relevant studies. An important task is to establish contacts with concerned individuals and decision makers, contribute towards raising understanding, influencing public opinion and to improve existing systems. We organise seminars and conferences, compile experiences and results from projects and research, act as a conveyor of long-term development thinking and a holder of new competence.

The network includes representatives from concerned authorities, the European Refugee Fund and the Development partnerships and projects within the Asylum Theme.

The website www.temaasyl.se

The website is joint forum for information, learning and communication where one can find facts, documents and information on asylum and refugee issues both at national and EU level, current research and debates, good examples and experiences, project activities and a calendar of relevant happenings within the asylum and integration field.

The information on the website focus on the reception, social- and vocational integration/re-integration of asylum seekers, refugees and newly arrived immigrants. Are you looking for documents regarding the asylum process and the application procedure we suggest that you contact the Swedish Migration Board, the Swedish Refugee Advice Centre or Amnesty International in Sweden.

This is a national website, but you can never the less search for documents in English, but unfortunately no editorial material.